Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Compare the differences of 30 years and 15 years of long service employees to a contract employee of 3 months of a certain government training institute which provides sophisticate facilities such as classrooms, conference room, stage-hall, Auditorium, Dining Hall and 3 blocks for overnight stay-in rooms. During just 3 months, he noticed that the place was such a neglected, ignored and uncared-state kind of condition. Not only the external part of the buildings were poorly maintained but even inside the staffs' offices were disorganized and hap-hazards. They were in a very similar state of a junkyard-rubbish environment. The long serviced employees also liked to quip proudly these wise words relating to their cozy, lazy, relax, little work-to-do everyday comforts:

Money lost, no^thing lost
Health lost, some^thing lost
Character lost, every^thing lost
Action lost, last action hero^ lost
Aeroplane lost, drama series^ lost
Chapter lost, Harry Potter paper-bag^ edition lost
Chocolate lost, ice cream^ lost
Man lost, woman^ lost
Steam lost, make-love^ lost
Strawberry lost, breakfast jam^ lost
Vanilla lost, ice-ice baby^ lost

And when he sits beside the long-service employee for the whole working day, he will see continuous yawnings, heavy sighings and always sleepy-eyed rubber-like wrinkled face. He also noticed that this long-service employee tend to get interested when reading the newspaper articles that has numbers and prices. Then this long-service employee would scribble all over the pages stating his dream snowball amount of million dollars that he always wishes and quit his work to spend the money.

When there is Anniversary Celebration like National Day, there will be colourful decoration with banners and flags but nothing can compare the excessive and overly elaborate decoration with tent-ages, wooden-board displays, banners and flags of the Chinese Festivals. There will be widespread burnings in the housing estates even so close to common public 5ft walk, footpaths and under the HDB void-decks. The ashes and the burnt spots are just left behind, not cleaned-up. Under the Law, littering of tiny little cigarette butts will be charged with a hefty Fine but they do nothing to those who openly burn in public view and never clean-up their rubbish. Is that Law of Justice or Law of Discrimination?

The Chinese believed that with very delicately-detailed Feng Shui calculations, the day will come when a whole Colony of Chinese Spaceships similar to sci-fi movie Battlestar Galactica will travel through the Galaxy heading for HEAVEN. But unknown to the Chinese, the Super Intelligent Aliens(SIA) even at this present time are spying on them and already aware of their intentions. In their mind, their thoughts are,
"What the HELL these rubbish people going to do to HEAVEN? We have already burnt it like they have displayed to all their followers under the tent-ages for many generations, made only of paper and sticks! And where in their historical records of their religion show that any single one of their believers ever been to HEAVEN? Yet return to this world to make copies to show to their people proudly".
Today, there are Laws to protect Trademarks, Patents and Copyrights to punish illegal offenders but to get away scott-free out of Heaven with its copies and escape from GOD, the true Creator?...What a whole bonfire of Rubbish!

The SIA are already prepared with a devastating destructive weaponry called SSD(Shell-Shocked with Despair) that will give an instant SUDS (Stupifyied Up-Down Sensation) -dumbstruck effects which will throw out Flyers with a written message- "We are watching you. Don't try to be smart!" The Flyers will even stuck themselves to any structures that is left standing. Effectively these Flyers will also self destruct immediately after reading ala the movie Mission Impossible and continuously burn the place like HELL.

Do not compare anything of the above to MOU (both win-win make more money) or SDU (match-making I love your money only) that may be familiar to you.

At a Rally, this VIP person representing his father, talked to highlight subjects about Race and Religions. Did anyone among the crowd ever asked him what is his religion or his father's from the very first 20years in the very beginning. Only one who has a religion is qualified to talk about religion as he really feels inside his heart to do Good and not just tell others to do. Only knowing the facts of all religions like mathematic calculations, does not make one qualified because he does not believe in God. The same as being gracious, is not sit among the VIPs, walk on the red carpets and mingle only with the rich and famous. One have to do it among the common people because he strongly believed in his religion and feels with his heart doing Good.

The brain that is given to man is rightfully to be use to know why he was put in this world and not be use to scheme for family-power advantage over the people so that there will always be his next generations of children, qualified with Honours and Degrees to be Leaders!
The future is prepared and filled with Good-ness by GOD, the only Creator and no one can say he has prepared the future for the people!

GOD prepared this universe and this world so nice and so clean for human, one of three important creations that has connection to HEAVEN besides Jinns/Satans and ANGELS, the most beautiful and perfect creation.
And GOD has even prepared HEAVEN, the eternal life that is full of pleasures but ask youself and ask people, "How do you prepare youselves to fit in a very nice and very clean eternal world called HEAVEN?